This blog was created to share all things food, fitness, and self care to support your journey towards a healthy lifestyle. Whether you have food/product sensitivities, or are extremely cautious of what you put in, on, and around your body (or want to be this way!), we know it is challenging at times, and we are here to guide you! 


At the beginning of 2018, Emily, the creator of Worry Free Living, fell sick with a bacterial illness that was not responding to antibiotics. On her journey of healing her body holistically, other chronic illnesses were discovered. Emily knew she needed to change her life, but had no idea where to start. Emily searched for others on the internet who had already cultivated a healthy lifestyle and were giving their support to others. At first, Emily was having a hard time finding authentic people on the internet. Once she did find a few individuals, her life was changed. These "strangers" on the internet quickly became her daily inspiration for her healthy lifestyle. Along with recipes and workouts, they also gave her validation that these changes she was making were necessary.


After seeing the impact a few people could make over social media, Emily wants to be that "stranger" for others that are her past position. She wants to guide others through and past the initial challenges, to eventually see how creating healthy habits can positively change every aspect of your life.  ​

With the urge to serve others, Emily created Worry Free Living. On all platforms of Worry Free Living, you will find healthy recipes, guided yoga classes, and words of inspiration for cultivating a worry free life. Also, on any platform of Worry Free Living, you will never feel ashamed for eating or living "differently" than other people, or feel overwhelmed about how to start/continue your health journey.


Emily is here to give you inspiration to continue your wellness journey, and validation that living your best, healthiest life should always be your main focus. She hopes you feel supported and can gain insight into different ways to maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle with no worry or fear attached. 

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