Emily Robertson is the creator of Worry Free Living. She is passionate about encouraging others to live their best, healthiest life through fitness, diet, and positive behavior changes. Emily understands first-hand the hard work it takes to create a healthy lifestyle, and wants to share simple ways to improve individual's health and wellness journeys.

Emily has spent the past few years studying at Point Loma Nazarene University, on the coast of San diego California. There, she was educated on ways to pursue her passion of guiding others through their unique health journey. Making the Dean's List each semester, Emily took classes, such as Therapeutic Exercise, Exercise Physiology, Anatomy & Physiology, Sports Nutrition, and more, to gain as much knowledge as possible to support her career of wanting to help others improve their health. 


Emily has been teaching yoga since 2015. She teaches yoga in Santa Barbara, CA at CorePower Yoga, and would love for you to join her!  She have her schedule posted on the Worry Free Living website and updates it frequently on the Instagram @worryfreeliving. 

Lastly, Emily has been accepted and will start a M.S. Kinesiology, Integrative Wellness program in Fall 2020. In 2021, when she finishes the Master's program, Emily will have the ability to sit for a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach exam to become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)! 

After that, Emily plans to open her door (physically and virtually) for Health and Wellness Coaching. She understands the importance of a holistic lifestyle, and hopes to improve the health of her clients and followers through interventions in behavior change, nutrition, and physical activity.

Whether you connect in person, online, or anywhere in between, Emily am excited to have crossed paths, and she hopes you have gain a little insight into cultivating your best, healthiest life. 

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