Welcome to Worry Free Living! I created this blog to share all things food, beauty, fitness, and self care that have clean and real ingredients so that you can live your best life, worry free. Whether you have food/product sensitivities, or are extremely cautious of things you put in, on, and around your body (or want to be this way!), I know that comes with challenges!

In 2018, after becoming ill with a dangerous bacteria, I was recommended by my naturopath that I do a number of testing to check for underlying health issues, and low and behold, there was a lot going on internally: food sensitivities, leaky gut, vitamin deficiencies, Epstein Bar Virus, Cortisol levels at a 96 when the top of the range is an 11* ... I mean the list goes on and on. Immediately I knew I needed to change my lifestyle.

Since then, I have struggled to stay positive about my health setbacks. I have developed anxiety because how I am different from the people around me. At the time, no other family members or friends understood my health issues. Family members and friends would make jokes (some still do) about how I would bring my own food to dinner parties because I couldn't eat what was being served, mock me for my "fake" symptoms, and more. I'm sure you have experienced some of these uncomfortable comments or conversations with people who don't understand and/or accept you wanting to eat and live in a way that will best support your health. After a few years of the comments and uncomfortable situations still happening, my wonderful naturopath recommended that I search for others who were going through similar life changes I could gain inspiration from.

I searched and searched for others similar to myself who were trying to positively change their life with methods backed by science. At first, I was having a hard time finding authentic people on the internet that would support my wellness journey. Once I did, my life was changed. These "strangers" on the internet quickly became my daily inspiration for my healthy lifestyle. They also gave me validation that these changes I was making were necessary. After seeing the impact a few people could make over the internet, I wanted to be that "stranger" for others that are in my past position. I wanted to guide others through and past the initial challenges, to eventually see how creating healthy habits can positively change every aspect of your life. 

I created Worry Free Living for people like myself who need inspiration and validation that living your best, healthiest life should be your main focus in life. On any platform of Worry Free Living you will never feel ashamed for eating "differently" from other people or feel overwhelmed about how to start/continue your health journey. I hope you feel supported and can gain insight into different ways to maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle with no worry or fear attached.


*these numbers are specific to the test I used, not for all hormone tests


Worry Free Living

by Emily Robertson


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